The Essence of Marriage ! My Advise to all the women there

Many married couples lose their essence of love after marriage. The feelings change and domination come in.
The reason is some peoples do not have the sense of responsibility. Marriage is not only for having children… It’s a drama between a boy and a girl and what counts the most in marriage is your husband or your wife. Children are only the intermediaries sent to us by God. They can be looked after like little brothers or sister. They should never take the advance before the husband in the woman mind.

So after marriage you should know that children are not more important than husband or wife. It’s a question of soul mate, God and Goddess and the creation comes after. Many women become so busy with children after marriage and neglect the husband but they should look after husband too along with the children. The husband is to be given the importance of being a part and parcel of the journey of your ascent and that’s how Sahaja Yoga marriages work out so well. I have personally seen them working out very well.

Some women are not able to handle all the house hold with work in same time. It’s just a matter of habit and making sure that your meditation and connection is still there. The woman is the man’s power so how come that she can’t handle the house hold responsibility? The reason is inside her. She likes doing others things and prefers to go out with friends and find that house hold is a kind of servitude. The housewife is the most honored person in the kingdom of God especially in Sahaja Yoga and it can help you in your duties beautifully. It’s just like a dance in which you are never tired and there are Elements are there to empower you, to give you strength and these elements if you know how to use them then you feel that nothing is difficult… No work is hard and essentially in life it’s a drama between a man and a woman which is played in the Divine realm. So you see, you should love your husband and you should love your wife because you met to do divine work on this earth for yourselves, your communities and mankind in general.

And whatever problems you are facing, you must be conscious that you are bound forever. A separation or divorce is not an option we should move towards due to reasons we cannot solve. We are not only bound emotionally and physically but you are also bound spiritually. Life is beautiful but man doesn’t understand it because he has attachment to superficial things. Sahaja Yoga is to transform you, make you beautiful and you start enjoying life like it is and also your marriage. You become responsible, you do everything like in an unending dance of joy.
So after the marriage even after you get children do notice that the drama is played only by the couple. There should be nice communication between the couple. They should just behave like small children playing and growing together in the presence of God and other children, that is the kind of innocence that will transform this world into a much more happier place. Children are there just to train and learn how to create a nice environment.

You are stressed, angry, excited, not calm? You need the help of elements through footsoaking and other treatments in Sahaja Yoga which will help you tremendously. I hope my article will be an inspiration for women who live their lives everyday with a lot of pressure and many times anxiety/depression. When you do Sahaja Yoga, trust me…
your mind just becomes calm, you enjoy the silence and peace within and outside too. With time may be you will discover by yourselves the Divine secret of marriage and how to lead an infinite life of love and harmony.


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