EnglishVideos of Seekers

A Beautiful experience

There was one in France. Could I just say something? We were sitting in her bedroom and she’s looked in the mirror and she said to me, I have to hide who I am every minute of the day, I have to hide who I am. Of course, in those days, you didn’t really get what she meant because it’s not like it is now, it’s absolutely awesome.

-What did you make of it when Mother said that?

I took it in she has to hide who she is and of course she is an amazing actress. She’s nobody better than her. She took me to the bank once. She wanted to get some jewelry out because her husband was taking her to some reception, so we went into this bank, she and I and I think there was one other person. Mother changed, she looked like some little immigrant lady, she looked very big, she had a camel coat on, a scarf, she looked just like a little immigrant. We went up to the counter and the girl said, shall I speak to you? She spoke to Mother as if Mother didn’t understand English. Mother said, you talk to her, you talk. Then they got the strongbox out and we went into the next room and then all that dropped, there was Mother.

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