just meditate :) and feel the coolness within !

Our body is the most beautiful machinery in the world .It needs the fuel of love to keep it fresh and glowing .
God wants us to be happy. Nature too wants us to smile ,sing and dance with it .
The whole universe is created out of love.Lot of artificial and man-made things are created just for happiness .
Our life revolves around this nine lettered word yet there is a void in our hearts .
Nature is always magical with its ever-changing sceneries soothing us with breeziness ,bathing the Earth in cool showers ,caressing us with the potpouri of fragrance and lulling us to unwind and sleep to its sweet tunes .
We are so engrossed in our woes and pains of life that we drift apart from the glory and charms of the nature .
We imagine we are alone and lonely and this thought expands and becomes the reality of our life and we are imprisoned and suffocated wasting precious moments of our life .
superficially ,we talk about lot of things .
very little things we turn into reality .
if we think about negative things or people tell us about our negativities we at once believe .We experience those emotions and make negativity sustain and breathe through us .How sad !!
we think of so many positive things ,our dreams ,passions but there is always a fear factor controlling our being .
once we overcome we conquer this world .
How beautiful it is to dream about snowfall ,more beautiful is to watch it and the most beautiful is to expose urself to snowfall.
Let it touch you , then in real sense you can feel the real joy .
Happiness starts from a dream ,then working towards it slowly and slowly making it happen and then finally feeling it and embracing it with open hands .
Meditation is the source of innate joy and happiness but for that we have to get drenched in the ocean and dive deep down to get the pot of the divine nectar .
superficiality might give us a temporary pleasure but the actualization alone can touch our soul and can give eternal pleasure .

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