1998 - 2011Chapter 15Experiences

Gone away

Gone away, the days I feel the night stronger than ever

Whispering a dream in red I can see colour as She sleeps

Far away with lotuses a kingdom is welcoming a queen

Dawn and day are the same no time left in between

I come from a place where people talk in whispers

Gentle souls with gentle gestures

Hovering over a billion lotuses

A whispering queen no one notices

I have pronounced a sadness today

But the departed Queen spoke as She lay

I lived to whisper a lotus in you

And I will whisper so many flowers in you

Come and gather in the lotus lake

Not a place but a body of fluid grace

Where one is bathed in auspicious scents

Of wafting benedictions and ambrosial blends

A lighter light knows all that is little

Our thoughts crossed in a world so subtle

The Queen and me beyond the mind

Landed on a lotus and with the Gods we dined

I sit in a place thinking of the queen

Left behind in a flood of tears that She cleans

As each drop breaks the embankment of the eye

I hear a voice telling me not to cry

The lotus whisperer can be anywhere

There is no choice but to be aware

There is no harbinger to the whisper of the queen

A lotus just emerges killing all that is unclean

At midnight on the last day of destiny

I will hold a lotus for the best in me

A rain of lotuses we wish upon us

A lotus whisper each is your gift for us.

Anand Varma

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